water bar 7th Anniversary

2020.05.01(FRI) [OPEN&START]23:00 [DOOR]1000YEN(1D別) 祝!7周年記念に、各地で定評なJAZZY SPORTより【NAOKI NISHIDA】氏と、AMNESTIA FUNNEY ORCHESTRA主催【ARARE】氏を招き開催! ※尚、今後の情勢によっては中止/延期となる場合がございます。 GENRE:HOUSE&CROSSOVER DANCE MUSIC ■GUEST DJ NAOKI NISHIDA (JAZZY SPORT) ARARE (A.F.O) ■DJ SIET IWANAGA DAISUKE RAW THE BACKWELL ----- □NAOKI NISHIDA (JAZZY SPORT) Music Selector For Life. 神奈川育ちの音盤狂/Out Of Control. 95年からレコードショップでの仕事を始め、現在は Jazzy Sportの音楽バイヤーとして活躍中。DJは ルーツミュージックの飽く無き探求心、同時代的な ビート/グルーヴ/サウンド感覚が巡る、ボーダレスな スタイルが持ち味。 □ARARE (A.F.O) AMNESTIA FUNNEY ORCHESTRA主宰。00 年代後半日本のストレンジなパーティーシーンに衝 撃を受け、09年より活動開始。ダンスミュージック への深い愛情と感謝を胸に夜の盛り場で活動の 幅を広げている。

Uppertribe 5 ※公演中止

2020.03.21(SAT) ※公演中止 [OPEN&START]14:00[CLOSE]20:00 [DOOR]1500YEN(1D別) GENRE:HOUSE,HARDCORE TECHNO,FUTURE BASS,and more ■DJ Sigross ひろつぐ 新ミサ 阿吽 TY-2 Cyte Kouki ish Ban Bigman mikiko みょん レェン Agito DD-Neon 2Period BUTO しがーる Phindoll VLADLAMDA SYNC-X Yazu

BlackBox vol.9 ※公演中止

2020.3.14(SAT) ※公演中止 23:00~29:00 at 中野heavysickZERO Door: ¥3000+1D(¥600) http://bbhardcore.wp.xdomain.jp/ Rob GEEは90年代初期より活動するDJ。Sensation、Thunderdome、Mysteryland、Love Paradeなど大型フェスにヘッドライナーとして繰り返し名を連ね、オーストラリア、日本、イタリア、スペイン、スコットランド、オーストリア、ハンガリー、ベルギーなど多くの国でのプレイを敢行し、人々を惹きつけている。ライブパフォーマンスにも明るく、SlipknotやKornなどのライブのアフターパーティーにも出演を果たしている。Hardcoreの他にもhip hopやtechno、metalなど多くの音楽を愛し、ジャンルに境界はないのだ、と言ってのける彼の活動から、目を離せない。 Rob GEE is famous all across The Universe as “the hardest DJ to ever play the Limelight in NYC.” In the club’s early 90’s heyday, the versatile GEE kept delirious audiences going through spinning at Limelight’s “Future Shock” dance/techno nights and performing with his live band as well as spinning at the club’s “Rock And Roll Church” metal/ rock/ industrial nights. The crowds kept coming back to Limelight, just like they did in Australia, Japan, Italy, Spain, Scotland, Austria, Hungary and Belgium to namea few. GEE is a recurring headliner at Sensation,Thunderdome, Mysteryland, and Love Parade, where GEE played before one million people. His diverse appeal keeps him performing weekly at all types of musical events and concerts. GEE has shared the stage with everyone from Hatebreed and Biohazard to Crystal Method, Busta Rhymes, Kurtis Blow, and Afrika Bambaataa. His GEEness has also has spun at many Slipknot and Korn after parties with his good friend, DJ Starscream a.k.a. #0 of Slipknot. GEE’s history of DJing and live performances shows his dedication of bringing the fusion of organic and electronic music to a wide variety of listeners. GEE’s love of hip-hop, hardcore, techno, metal and every other genre for that matter set him apart from the rest. While other DJs make tracks and spin records, GEE is an Artist who writes original songs. His indecisiveness as to whether or not he wanted to breakdance and spin hip-hop or jump in the mosh pit and play in a metal band was one of the reasons he began to cultivate his own style of both. Rob GEE is the only artist of his kind to collaborate and create with members of respected rock, metal, hardcore and hip-hop acts such as Slipknot, Hatebreed, Biohazard, Wu-Tang Clan, Cypress Hill, and System Of A Down (just to name a few) creating a unification of Rock, Electronic, & Metal as well any other style GEE chooses to use. The GEEsult is Rob GEE gabber music. Rob GEE says, “There are no boundaries in music” . GEE is writing history launching gabber into the scene of the galaxy……”The Gabber Guru,” as GEE is known for his constant motivation of #PositivianVibes gained worldwide fame after the release of “Ecstasy You Got What I Need”. The song went Gold and was the #1 video on The Box for 13 straight weeks. At the same time, “Ecstasy” rose to #9 on the pop charts and earned him Best Artist, Best Producer and Best Song of the year at The Thunder Awards in Holland. The GEE Man enjoyed more worldwide success along band mates Neophyte and Tieum with their collective efforts”Coming At You Strong”, “Anxiety”, & “Rage With Pride” under the name “Riot Squad”. Rob GEE is still pushing solo success globally with his most recent hit “RIght Now”. GEE always with his open mind has enjoyed recent Hardstyle & Rawstyle bangers teaming up with heavy hitters like The Prophet and Adaro. While in the same breath has been rocking the mainstream airwaves collaborating with hardcore giants Partyraiser & DJ Mad Dog.

Focus On! 25 ※公演中止

2020.03.14(SAT) ※公演中止 [OPEN&START]14:00[CLOSE]20:00 [DOOR]2500YEN(1D別) □Focus On! 25 (Twinvite) http://twvt.me/focuson25 GENRE:ALL GENRE (アニソン|POP) [B1F FLOOR] ■GUEST kors k (EDP) 4sk (Hifumi,inc.) 14 (絶対あにめ領域/DVAC/カミヤマクルー) [B2F FLOOR] ■GUEST rimuten (UMBLOUD) Kur@ra (あにまじっく!) Note. (Who's Next? / 超級覇王電影弾) --- ■Focus On! DJ Totsu neru_kun(浸透/Mikuru's Summer Magic) どっと(aniloop) ニコル(GEOFRONT/Groovin') よしおかいくり (HIT IT)※お休み Dotnoi <> ぱーやん(あにえむ)※お休み .png(あにえむ / オタリンピック/音音酒飲 ) ■Focus On! VJ ショウイチロウ RYO TAKEI sixd ■フライヤーイラスト:加藤アカツキ ■ロゴデザイン:Roan (entrance)

miyoshi twin Ver:N.E/M.O Resuscitation Party ~Tokyo Death Cult #6~ ※公演中止

2020.03.13(FRI) ※公演中止 [OPEN]18:00[START]18:20[CLOSE]22:00 [DOOR (業)]3000YEN(1D別) [各Artist予約 (罰)]2500YEN(1D別) [ADV (罪)]2500YEN(1D別) ◆チケット購入サイト◆ https://deadlymarket.theshop.jp/items/26068029 ・受付期間 : 2019.2.6~2020.3.6 ・送料 : 日本国内、国外一律 ¥200 ・Tokyo Death Cult Picture Ticketご入場の方は特典を当日配布いたします。 ※入場順 : 罪→罰→業のチケット順にて入場になります。 GENRE:ROCK ■LIVE miyoshi twin Ver:N.E/M.O glamscure gezigezi Bedtime Story ※各アーティストとニモによるアブノーマルなコラボタイム有り [主催・企画] miyoshi twin Ver:N.E/M.O [制作] 4VALLEY

OtokenLIVE×UNIWAVE ※公演中止

2020.03.09(MON) ※公演中止 [OPEN&START]14:00[CLOSE]20:00 [DOOR]1000YEN(1D別) GENRE:ALL MIX(HOUSE, HIPHOP,DRUM'N BASS,HARDCORE,TECHNO) ■SPECIAL GUEST DJ gaburyu ■サウンド研究会DJ Atami inumata Nekocross sureime Take TaWa Yossoy ■Unison code DJ MOTHMAN kingyo PKMN Reaper Reishu Takedomi Task

THE FM!! #3 + FMオンゲンBAR ※公演中止

2020.03.08(SUN) ※公演中止 [OPEN]17:00[START]17:30[CLOSE]20:30 [DOOR]3500YEN(1D別) [ADV]3000YEN(1D別) チケット▶ https://thefm3.peatix.com FM音源の魅力を楽しむクラブイベント。 FM音源主体の楽曲群によるDJ(メインフロア)と同時進行でFM音源についてのトークショー(ラウンジ)を行います。 ■出演 hally(VORC) hizmi 阿保剛 GORRY 梶原正裕 髙見龍 せんたろ ヨナオケイシ 他...

CLUTCHTIME ~KyonCeeAPartment 1st album「Off the world」Release Party~ ※イベント中止

2020.04.10(FRI)  ※イベント中止 [OPEN&START]23:00 [DOOR]1500YEN(1D別) GENRE:HIPHOP|BEAT MUSIC|AND MORE ■GUEST LIVE Kyoh3i (Gitans) ■RELEASE LIVE KyonCee APartment ■LIVE POD 人化イルミネーション NotKlear 風来坊 ■BEAT LIVE ALTO Shunei BAMBOO ■SECRET GUEST DJ ×××× ■DJ Zoromegaten Supergenius Ks PJ Masaki Shiryu BigMunch iyetola JWL Targ

Daytime Paradise ※イベント中止

2020.4.12(SUN) ※イベント中止 [OPEN&START]18:00 [CLOSE]23:00 [DOOR]500YEN+1drink oder GENRE:SOUL|FUNK|JAZZ|RAREGROOVE & ALL BLACK MUSIC ~ Enjoying Listening To Every Kind Of BLACK MUSIC ~ ■DJs MASKMAN waterdamage FLOAT KUMA KAYO